Hello, I'm Lisa

I am currently a senior studying graphic design at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a passion for digital product design.
I have previously interned at IBM Design, at RetailMeNot, and at VMware. I was also the design lead for HackIllinois 2015 and the studio lead for Design for America.

I am currently:

My Projects

IBM Design


Design Intern - 2016

At IBM Design, I worked with 12 other interns to create 2 websites: an onboarding website for people that have accepted their offer at IBM Design and are waiting to start thier new job and a website to inform people about the IBM Design Maelstrom Internship program. In smaller groups of 4, we worked on an 8 week incubator project about improving a candidate's job interviewing process.

HackIllinois 2016


Web Designer & Advisor - 2016

Lead Designer - 2015

Designer - 2014

For HackIllinois 2016, we wanted to continue the exploration brand philosophy so we chose a forest theme. We created a game for the splash site that is inspired by The Lost Sloth; essentially you have to dig through the forest landscape to find your way as well as wireframing and illustration some elements for the final website.

Livelist Concert App

Product Designer – 2016

This is a project I worked on at VandyHacks 2015. Originally, it was submitted as a website, but I later reworked the project to be a mobile focused experience. Livelist is an app that generates a playlist based on the artists playing in the user's location.



UI/UX Design Intern - Summer 2015

During my internship there, I worked on an Apple watch app redesign, a survey product feature, a travel mobile app and various other illustrative works. Beyond designing, I also got to write and conduct user testing and usuability tests for the first time!

HackIllinois 2015


Web Designer & Advisor - 2016

Lead Designer - 2015

Designer - 2014

HackIllinois is a student run Hackathon at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A hackathon is where students all over the nation meet up and build awesome software and hardware projects in the span of a weekend. I led the branding for HackIllinois 2015, which had interesting challenges as the 2nd Hackathon, it would determine a lot of guidelines for future HackIllinois. Therefore, the brand is based around the idea of a philosophy over a particular theme.

CUMTD Bus App & Sign Redesign

Product Designer - 2015

We were tasked with redesigning signs in our local area. I chose to do bus signs because their current design has caused my collegues and I to miss certain stops. There is a huge disconnect between the digital bus app and a physical space as people can use the app the find the area of the stop, but then have trouble finding which corner they want. Therefore, I wanted to created a hollistic system where the app would pair much better with the signs as well as redesign them to be easier to use and offer more utility.


Currently in Development!

Web Designer and Developer - 2016

Hyperflora is a website that continuously plays curated videos from YouTube and Vimeo. It is categorized into 8 different channels and encourages spontaneous video discovery. Eventually, users will be able to submit their own videos. This is currently in development!



UI/UX Design Intern - Summer 2014

At VMware, I worked on the Project Nee enterprise software. Without giving away too much because I swore to keep my mouth shut (NDA), I helped redesign the virtual machine set up experience to cater to non-technical users.

Notes on the Existence of Ghosts


Web Designer - 2012

I was inspired by the imagery in Franny Choi's spoken word poem "Notes on the Existence of Ghosts" so I created a website featuring it using a combination of various and my own photography. The website is featured on Franny Choi's personal website!

Natural Selection Website


Designer & Developer

I was tasked with designing the Natural Selection section of an 8th grade text book and making it into a brochure and website. I chose a diagram of the natural selection process from the book and reillustrated it and utilized it in a parallax website for kids to scroll through.

Zombie Survival Guide


Designer & Developer

I was excited for the premier of the third season of the Walking Dead (although the comics are better!) so I created this zombie survival checklist based on the Zombie Survival Guide book. This was the first website I developed using javascript!